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4 Ways to Host Graduation Ceremonies–While Social Distancing

There are several ways to conduct a graduation ceremony while social distancing. And since there are so many creative schools out there, new approaches are being developed every day. They all begin with one of four basic platforms: 


A webinar format is a great option for an organized live event. Have participants join the event via a webcam and microphone from their own homes. Commencement speeches can be pre-recorded or executed live during the webinar. If you activate chat functions within the webinar, it adds a great interactive element too. 


Pre-produced video can offer a lot of flexibility while providing a controlled, well-developed experience for all participants. Various elements of the ceremony – like commencement speeches, video montages and photo slideshows – can be video recorded and pre-edited for a seamless presentation. The final production can then be unveiled at one or more live, social-distance physical gatherings, on various social media sites or via a live web streaming platform. Plus, students will always have a digital copy of their big day to re-play for years down the road.

3.Live On-Site

With social-distancing restrictions honored, a live production can still be executed in various ways. An elevated stage can be set up in a large school parking lot. Graduates and their families can safely watch the ceremony from their cars, or by spreading out in a responsible way. Utilizing a low-power FM transmitter to relay the audio to car radios is a great live technique, as are large-screen displays for videos, slideshows and pre-recorded messages from graduates. 


Some smaller schools have opted for a drive-through graduation experience. Students get engaged and have fun by decorating their cars for drive-in graduations and a parade-like procession into and out of the ceremony.


Pulling off a fluid virtual graduation is no small feat. It takes planning, communication, technical knowhow, a lot of passion and diligent project management. 

To make the most of the planning and execution time available, CTV North Suburbs is here to help. Our vast knowledge of technology, media and live web streaming can make this graduation year an historic and heartwarming event. 

To learn more, write us at info@ctvnorthsuburbs.org

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