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5 Ways to Build Back Up Your Networking Muscle

Events are opening up, and we are slowly emerging from our basement work-from-home office, and scheduling coffee and lunch meetings with colleagues. We need to rebuild and exercise our networking muscles. Relationships are built through communication, we can’t have relationships JUST online (more on that later). Here are my 5 steps to build back up that networking muscle. 



1. Start Slow

Before the pandemic, I had 4 to 5 networking events or meetings per day. I even wrote about how I met 45 City Council members in the course of a season. I had it down to a science. Now, the anticipation of a coffee meeting can make my palms sweat. Start slow. Book a coffee meeting with a long-time friend. Try to get one meeting a week to build that stamina back up. 


2. Be Strategic

There will be many networking events between Business Councils, Chamber of Commerce events, and ribbon cuttings. Pick the events that will give you the most contact with the people you need to network with. You are one person and your time is valuable. 


3. Do Research

If we haven’t seen some of our clients and colleagues for a while. Hit social media to get updated on what they’ve been doing. It’s a quick way to spark some conversation. 


4. Decide on a Greeting

Fist bumps, handshakes, or hugs. Everyone has a different level of contact comfort post-pandemic. Decide on what you want to do before you get to your networking event so you can avoid the awkward half handshake, half fistbump hug.


5. Update Tech

Utilize your QR code option on your LinkedIn profile. This is a touchless way to exchange information and save trees!



Not ready for a full-fledged networking event? Try picking up the phone. A phone call can be a welcomed change of pace for people. Schedule one in advance, or pick an earlier time before meetings are typically scheduled.


What have been some of your post-pandemic networking techniques?