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6 Things to Consider for your Virtual Gala

It’s that time of the year again! Our fellow nonprofits are planning their annual fundraisers, galas and events, of the virtual kind. We are here to help provide some guidance on putting on a killer function and raising that money!

1. To Paywall or Not to Paywall

Will this event be a public event or a private event? Do people need to pay to gain access? This should be your first question because it may determine what platform you should be promoting.

2. Streaming Platform

Picking your streaming platform early on will play into the technology you utilize to produce your event. Options you could consider are YouTube Live, Facebook Live, or a private streaming service like what NineNorth does.

3. Live versus Recorded

Many of the virtual events you’ve attended are actually taped. It is very hard to tell the difference between live or recorded. Consider incorporating more recording into your virtual event. Doing this reduces the chances of technical glitches.

4. Outsource Graphic Design

What really puts a virtual event over the edge of greatness are the graphics. Incorporate a local artist to design your graphics to support the art community. Use it as a branding opportunity and incorporate your social media handles. Check out this awesome graphic set for our Compass Programs we had a local artist design for us. It screams professional.

5. Visualize Engagement

Decide early on if and how you want your guests to engage with your organization. If there is a Q&A session, or a chat function, you may need to incorporate other platforms into your event. Always think about the viewers experience; you don’t want them getting zoom fatigued.

6. Equipment Packages

If you are using keynote speakers remotely, make sure they have the right equipment to produce their segment well. Some organizations will send “zoom packages” with a compatible camera, light, and microphone to ensure their keynotes look awesome.
If you have questions on how to produce a spectacular, glitch-free virtual event, reach out to us at NineNorth to help!