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6 Tips for your next testimony video

6 Tips for Your Next Testimony Video

Your church community is filled with inspiring stories that should be shared. As church leaders entrenched within your community, I bet you can name four incredible stories off the top of your head. Great, now how about turning those stories into some great video content to continue to spread the message? Here are some tips for your next Testimony Shoot.

  1. Pick a Great Testimony

We all have those fantastic storytellers with incredible presence. Pair that person with their awe-inspiring, life-changing testimony and you have a surefire way to a rock solid video

  1. Write It Down

Something about writing down a story creates a clearer picture for the storyteller rather than “winging it.” It reduces the need for rambling, and can help you as the director, keep the testimony clear and concise.

  1. Light it Up

Pick a well-lit area if you aren’t familiar with studio and field lighting techniques. Outside on a slightly overcast day can be an excellent light source. Avoid shooting in front of a window, which will create a silhouette of your subject. Use large, diffused sources of light for your subject. If you would rather a moody, noir look, give our pros at CTV North Suburbs an email to help you out,

  1. Mic it Up

A testimony will only have impact if you can hear the story clearly. Use professional microphones, if you have access to them. Get close to the in-camera microphone if you don’t use pro mics.

  1. Shake the Sillys Out

People are scared of being in front of the camera. Get the camera rolling way in advanced and have a conversation with your subject about the football game last Sunday before jumping into the real content. Get them comfortable before you pull out that incredible story.

  1. Back up Shot

At least two shots of the testimony should be rolling at the same time. This will give your editor options. I prefer the “behinds the scenes” shot where the second shot includes the camera, and parts of the crew. Make that shot black and white, and you have a very edgy look that will increase the impact of the testimony.

These are great tips to help you on your testimony-creating journey, but if your hands are full with spreading The Word, reach out to us to help create inspirational content for your church community. Contact us at if you are interested in content creation. Also join us for Points of Light, a free studio show where local church leaders can speak to our nine cities LIVE about their church and its’ mission. For more details about the event, check out our Facebook page.