Nine North - Mission

About NineNorth

NineNorth’s Mission

“We produce community focused digital media to educate and engage our residents.”

NineNorth is a digital media production partner that serves cities, nonprofits and government agencies looking to connect and engage with their communities. With a deep understanding of your local presence and objectives, and decades of experience, we are dedicated to creating high-quality digital media that educates, resonates and sparks action in your communities.

Our services include webcasting, public government meeting coverage, social media coordination, and video production.


Our Values

Always Add Value – Approach every opportunity as a chance to give knowledge, make a beneficial connection, or enhance the customer experience.

Mentorship – We develop each other as leaders by bolstering strengths, identifying weaknesses, developing accountability plans, and celebrating milestones.

Empathy – Recognize emotions in other teammates and clients, and intentionally give value to their perspective. Always examine your own motives.

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