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Case Studies: Little Canada 5K Sap Run

The City of Little Canada hosted the inaugural 5K Sap Run on May 4th 2019. Named after maple syrup running in the Spring, runners can also get out and run. The 5K Sap Run’s official track, runs around beautiful Gervais Lake. Lake Gervais is named after Ben Gervais, who was the founder of the city in 1847.

The Challenge:

This new tradition of the 5K Sap Run would continue on in an annual fashion in Little Canada, Minnesota. Therefore, documentation like this will be used to promote the annual event. Annual events like this encourage engagement between the city and the citizens. As a result, Little Canada wanted to have this city milestone documented with video.

The Approach:

We laced up our sneakers and stepped in to document the 5K Sap Run for Little Canada. CTV conducted multiple interviews with city staff members and Council Members. The interviews were shot during the event with natural lighting. The energy of the event climbed as you watch the participants enroll and stretch behind the interviewees. Light, carefree music makes this piece feel like a tourism highlight video. This three minute video provides a deeper look into the culture of Little Canada, Minnesota, and how this hidden gem of a city engages the local community.

The Solution:

As a result, the final three minute piece documented the first annual race. Moving forward, Little Canada will be able to utilize this video to promote next year’s event through social media, their website, as well as television. Also, video documentation like this can make engaging sponsors easier for the future.

Through collaborative work like this video, CTV North Suburbs brings important content to the community, and elevates a valuable event. Covering events like this educates citizens of fun things to do in their community, while also engaging them to participate. If you have a video project in mind, contact the <a href=””>staff</a> for an appointment.

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