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The Challenge:


Rice and Larpenteur is a neighborhood hub at the intersection of two county roads and the borders of three cities, Roseville, Maplewood, and St. Paul. An annual festival was held to showcase the local businesses, and the symbiotic relationship between these three cities to build an ethnically diverse neighborhood filled with vibrant commerce. Due to COVID restrictions, attendance to the event was limited, how can they reach more people with this message of collaborative community building?


The Solution:


A crew was dispatched to interview key players of the Rice and LarpenTOUR event, and capture the energy of the event. The video encapsulates the ongoing relationship between the three cities to work together to create a vibrant community, to a once forgotten neighborhood.


This example shows the fruits of the Rice and Larpenteur Alliance’s labors to revitalize the neighborhood. Years of collaborative work with the three cities and county has created this bustling neighborhood, which is now documented through video to be used to educate more people about these efforts.




Although this video only reached about 300 people, the social proof that the video documented of the Alliance and the collaborative community building can be used as social proof for grant applications and to appeal to future business owners looking to open a business in that neighborhood.


Adaptation Prompting:

Are there any upcoming events in your community that require funding applications such as grants? Would video of current projects be beneficial for the application process? Are there any collaborative programs that your city is proud to show?

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