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The Challenge:

Roseville is a city that is full of parks and outdoor recreation areas, and Cedarhol Golf Course is no different. Cedarholm Golf Course is home to a nine-hole course that caters to any golfer of any level. After a tornado tore through the course in 1981, Cedarholm has been working to keep the trees and landscape of the golf course beautiful and welcoming. After the course Superintendent, Sean McDonagh joined our Cities Speak podcast, our team wanted to help promote the golf course by profiling it in a video.


The Solution:

We sent four team members out to Cedarholm Golf Course to play a round of golf and shoot for the video. While two of our team members played golf for the sake of the video, the other two were filming the whole thing. They brought out three cameras with them and did the majority of the shoot on a handheld camera to move at a consistent pace. 


The time they spent out on the course was able to showcase the different types of people who show up and play at Cedarholm.


The Results:

The end video was just over three minutes long and was able to highlight some of the things that the course offered in terms of leagues and events. It gives community members a look into the golf course and what work goes into it. 


Adaptation Prompting:

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