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Case Studies: Little Canada Assistant Fire Chief Retirement

The Challenge:


The longtime Assistant Fire Chief, Steve Morelan, at Little Canada was retiring. After 43 years of service to the community, the city wanted to honor his work in a way that would live on in perpetuity.


The Solution:


We interviewed Assistant Chief Morelan about his decades of fire experience and his time with the department. The backdrop of the fire department, paired with his reflective nature and memories of the department creates a sense of nostalgia and gratitude.


The video highlights the service of one person, but also showcases an impactful place to work, Little Canada.




The video had numerous engagements of “Thank you for your service” to “well wishes”. It is a great way to send off a strong member of the Little Canada family into retirement.


Adaptation Prompting:


Are there employees that you can highlight through the lens of appreciation and gratitude while brining attention to city projects? Are there new employees you can introduce to the community? Are there key team players that have a fabulous personality for video?

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