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Case Studies: McGough HQ Grand Opening

The Challenge:

A local business of 60+ years, McGough, decided to build a new headquarters in Roseville. To cover the ribbon cutting ceremony, CTV wanted to highlight the architecture of the new building, while also capturing the faces behind this local business.  

The Approach:

CTV Producer Jared Wiedmeyer and Media Specialist John Camitsch brought a Canon C100 camera, tripod, lavalier mics to the ceremony. To capture both the attendees and the architecture of the new building, they shot b-roll in 60 frames per second, allowing for slower and longer camera movement.  

The Solution:

The result was a video highlighting both an event, and the unique space it took place in. B-roll shots were interspersed with an interview of the McGough COO who described the significance of the location in Roseville. 

The Stats:

The video was reached 3,600 people on Facebook, and was shared over 20 times.

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