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Case Studies: Mounds View Night to Unite

Night to Unite is an annual city event where Mounds View Police Officers and city residents come together to socialize in an informal setting. It is an opportunity to build community trust, and discuss community issues with neighbors.

The Challenge:

The City of Mounds View wanted a video to capture the annual Night to Unite event. Unlike a normal community event however, Night to Unite takes place at different block parties around the City. The challenge was to create a video highlighting the event at multiple locations in a short time frame.   

The Approach:

To plan shoot locations, CTV Producer Jared Wiedmeyer talked with the Mounds View Police Department prior to the event. He planned three locations based on where and when officers would visit. Jared kept set up minimal with a C100 camera, and sunlight reflector. 

The Solution:

A video highlighting three different Night to Unite locations in Mounds View. Interviews feature multiple residents, and  Mounds View Police Officer Kirsten Heineman.

The Stats:

The Night to Unite Video reached 2.4K people on Facebook, and was clicked on, liked or shared 118 times. 

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