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Case Studies: Mounds View Police PSAs

The Challenge:


Police departments are always looking for engaging, effective ways to connect with the community. Some ongoing safety issues, such as mail theft or safe driving, may seem routine, but are still an ongoing issue in our communities. What is a quick way to introduce an officer to the community, while providing important safety information?


The Solution:


A series of public service announcements were created by Mounds View police officers about safe driving. The PSAs introduced local Resource Officer, Kirstin Heineman to the community, while also providing tips for safe driving, such as following posted speed limits and watching for children playing near the road.


This quick 30-second program is short enough to be embedded into the website, shared on social media, or played on local cable between programs. The content is evergreen and readily available.




This was one PSA in a series. This program reached over 1,700 viewers within the Mounds View community. It is important for our police department to continue to reach out to the community with valuable safety information.


Adaptation Prompting:


How can your department heads deliver evergreen, succinct information to the community? Who do you want the community to know?

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