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Case Studies: New Brighton Halloween Fire Truck Parade

The Challenge:


October is New Brighton Fire Department’s fire safety month. Due to the pandemic, the department could not hold their normal open house and educational programs. The Fire Department dispatched the trucks for a Halloween Parade to engage with the community. What additional ways can they reach out to the community about fire prevention and fire education?


The Solution:


The crew at NineNorth recorded the Halloween Parade as it moved through the New Brighton community. Tony Paetznick, Director of Public Safety, was interviewed about the event. He offered viewers a reminder to replace their smoke detector batteries. He also spoke to fire safety during the holidays, especially while cooking.


This is a great example of highlighting a positive event in the community, while adding additional value to viewers through education. In this case, that added value was the reminder to change their smoke detector batteries.




The video reached over 1,300 people on the NineNorth social media accounts. The New Brighton landing page on the page had an increase of approximately 170 people watching the program.


Adaptation Prompting:


Identify an upcoming event within your city. How can you use that event to propel a beneficial message for the community? What will that message be?

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