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Case Studies: Planning for Resilient Cities with AFS

The Challenge

The Alliance for Sustainability (AFS) works with over 40 metro area cities to discuss environmental resilience & sustainability. CTV visited a meeting with representatives from Roseville and Arden Hills in attendance. The goal was to create a short video capturing a local component of a broad issue: building resilient cities. 

The Approach

CTV Producer Jared Wiedmeyer used a Canon C100 camera and tripod for this single day shoot. Along with interviews from AFS and Arden Hills representatives, he integrated graphics on screen to help give the video context. 

The Solution

A quick snapshot of City efforts to address sustainability. Viewers were informed about the event, without getting bogged down in details. In addition, captions give the video a dynamic, made for social media feel. 

The Stats

The video reached over 1000 people on Facebook, and received 55 engagements.

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