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Worship is as crucial to church-goers now as it ever has been. However, Covid-19 has made it difficult for congregations to gather in their traditional ways. The virus also forced us to reinvent the way we produce and shoot Points of Light – an annual CTV program that showcases several places of worship in our communities.


The Challenge:

CTV typically films Points of Light with live studio interviews of faith leaders from around the area. Covid-19 threw a wrench into that approach. With concerns for the health and safety of our guests and crew, we opted for a pre-recorded strategy that would allow for social distancing while capturing the spirit of each faith leader and place of worship.


The Solution:

We began the project by scheduling individual shoots with each guest and house of worship. This was truly a blessing in disguise, as it allowed us to film longer segments with every faith leader and capture more of the essence of each church. It also gave us the opportunity to dial in precise, dramatic lighting while recording beautiful indoor and outdoor imagery – boosting the final production value of Points of Light to new heights.


Best of all, our outdoor locations ensured health safety for all. Our minimal crew, wearing masks and equipped with a C100 camera mounted to a boom pole, was able to work at least 6 feet away from one another and from our guests.


CTV hosts Dave Berggren and Jenny Landon did an amazing job keeping every featured faith leader comfortable and enthusiastic as they shared their passion for praise.

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