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The Ramsey County Library in Roseville, MN hosts a weekly speaker series. Local scholars lecture a live audience on fascinating, timely topics. Topics covered range from politics, to the economy. Some notable programs have included: The Idea of Environment in History, by Professor Jim Stewart,  How Racial Attitudes Influence American Politics, by Professor Howard Lavine, and Wildcat Banking to Shadow Banking, by Ed Lotterman. CTV North Suburbs partners with the library to bring this valuable information to the community. As a result of this partnership, Ramsey County Library has been able to serve a wider audience.

The Challenge:

Librarian Judy Woodward was regularly receiving complaints. Patrons couldn’t find seats during her lecture series events at the Roseville Library. These events had quickly grown in popularity because of their quality content and effective community outreach by the Library. The issue came to a head right before the 2016 election. Citizens were particularly excited to hear from a political scholar, and the event room was over capacity. This is when Judy reached out to CTV to record the lectures.

The Approach:

CTV uses a single camera and laptop set up to record the series each week. Presenter slide shows are integrated into the recorded program. It is a simple production, but the efficiency of the process makes the video quickly accessible online for library patrons.

The Solution:

As a result of the videos, the Ramsey County Library lecture series reaches a wider audience. Patrons know when and where to access content each week. Judy Woodward is able to alleviate many of the complaints she used to receive.

CTV looks to solve problems that municipalities, nonprofits, and organizations face, while also creating quality, informative content for the community. This partnership with the Ramsey County Library is an excellent example of how CTV can help your organization.

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