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Case Studies: Roseville 2021 State of the City Address

It’s important for a city’s government to communicate with its citizens, especially this past year. The city of Roseville wanted to put out a state of the city address to recount their projects and initiatives in 2020.


The Challenge:


Since they wanted to avoid a large gathering of people, Roseville decided to not hold the state of the city in person. Still, they wanted to deliver this message to the residents of Roseville.


They figured the best way to do this would be to do it virtually. They then had to decide what media they wanted to use, how they would distribute it and more. 


In December, they approached NineNorth to help produce this story. They knew that they could rely on us to communicate their story properly, and ensure that it would resonate with their residents.


The Solution:


We decided to put together a 30-minute video that covered a number of topics and events that impacted the city from the civil unrest this past summer to citywide environmental efforts.


At the beginning of February, the city wrote a script for Mayor Dan Roe to read in the address. Our Digital Media Producer Alex took what was discussed in this video and recorded footage to match up with the script and be implemented in the video.


For the introduction and outro of the video, we recorded Mayor Dan Roe at the Oval. Once we had all the footage we needed, we edited it together and posted the video on our website.


The Results:


Roseville’s government and residents now have a way to connect after this crazy year. They posted the video on their website where their residents can easily find it. Now, the citizens of Roseville will always have documentation of what happened in their city in 2020.


Adaption Prompting:


Is your city looking to publish a new state of the city address? How can NineNorth help connect your government with your residents? Please reach out to us if you have any questions!

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