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Case Studies: Saint Anthony Virtual Goal Setting Meeting

Annually, the city of Saint Anthony brings together council members, department heads and chairs of city commissions for their goal setting meeting. It’s a three day process to facilitate communication about short term steps that reinforce the long term vision of the city. 


The Challenge:


The City of Saint Anthony had to figure out how to hold this event amid the pandemic. There would be a number of guest speakers, a facilitator and about 20 other people at the event, so safely holding the event in-person was out of the question.


They decided to hold the event virtually instead. They reached out to Nine North for help on various production tasks.


The Solution:


Nine North staff offered a few different scenarios to adapt the sessions. We met with the city staff and the facilitator they had hired and walked through some different ideas.


The city decided to use a video format incorporating Zoom technology for viewers with television coverage in the council chambers. This way, they could maximize information sharing while allowing members of the public to watch the process live. 


Nine North’s production team also built graphics, tailored screens, tables and audio in the chambers.


The Results:


28 residents attended the event virtually through the Zoom meeting. These residents would not have been able to attend the goal setting event if it had not been set up virtually.  


The city judged the event a success the end of the three days. The process proved to be very nimble, and the outcomes will guide the city for the next full year. 


Adaption Prompting:


Is your city looking for a way to increase viewership and engagement for your events and meetings? Is there an event that was cancelled, but could be put back on virtually with our help?

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