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In April 2019, the City of St. Anthony was awarded a grant called “Clean Energy Community Education,”  to share three of their clean energy and sustainability success stories with the public. As part of the grant, St. Anthony participated in the Minnesota Clean Energy Communities exhibit at the 2019 Minnesota State Fair. Community volunteers and representatives were invited to engage with fairgoers, answer questions, and distribute informational trading cards and other materials.

The Challenge:

St.Anthony wanted a video to explain what sustainability means for their community, and share information about different City projects.  

The Approach:

This video required a lot of pre-planning with our St.Anthony contact Minnette, and two days of shooting. The first shoot took place at the Fair. CTV Producer Jared Wiedmeyer brought a teleprompter so that Minnette could read from a script she had prepared. Because the exhibit was indoors, he also brought a reflector and LEDs to light the interviews. Finally, he set the C100 camera on a slider to create motion for shots of the Exhibit signs.   

The second shoot day was to capture b-roll. Jared visited different locations around St.Anthony to get shots of the different sustainability projects, such as solar panels, that were mentioned in the interviews. After shooting, our client contact was also able to give three rounds of feedback on the rough-cut to ensure the most important pieces were included.   

The Solution:

An informative video that shows residents how the City of St.Anthony is working to achieve its sustainability goals.

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