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Case Studies: St. Anthony New Brighton Schools: Birth to 21

Birth to 21 is a program that supports students with disabilities in the St.Anthony New Brighton School District. One of their services is providing rides to school, which helps to mitigate parent schedules. The true impact of the rides program is much bigger than that however. The drivers are school employees who work with students during the school day. These daily commutes are an opportunity for students and drivers to build positive relationships, which improves learning in the classroom. 

The Challenge:

The St.Anthony New Brighton School District approached us about creating a video to help parents learn about their services for students with disabilities. Their goal was to create something that would encourage more parents to sign up for their ride program.

The Approach:

The Birth to 21 ride program involves parents, students, drivers and administrators within the school district. In order to include all of those stakeholders, our Producer Jared Wiedmeyer used three set ups. He placed two go-pro cameras in the school vans on four different days to capture the relationships between students and drivers. For interviewing parents and drivers along the route, he used c100 cameras and worked with natural light sources outdoors. Finally, the narration provided by school administrators Wendy and Hope was recorded in our studio to tie everything together. 

The Solution:

A spotlight piece. The final video showcased the positive impacts of the Birth to 21 ride program. The St.Anthony New Brighton School District was able to use the video for the website, and for an open house night to spread the word about their services to parents.

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