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Case Studies: Ramsey County Vaccine Distribution Event

All across the state, Minnesotans are getting vaccinated. Many counties have set up vaccination sites for their residents, including Ramsey County. They set up one vaccination distribution event at the New Brighton Community Center last month.


The Challenge:


There are many people who want to get the vaccine, but are hesitant to do so. These people feel this way, because they don’t know what the process is like. Some may be worried about how much time it will take, and some may not even know where to go to get one.


Our NineNorth Production team wanted to create a video that would help these people. We wanted to inform people on the process of getting a vaccine. We hoped this would ease some of the stress of getting vaccinated.


The Solution:


Our production team went out to the vaccination site to record video and interviews for our coverage. We talked to Laura Anderson, the Ramsey County Public Health Manager and Jennifer Fink, New Brighton Parks and Recreation Center. They explained who was getting vaccinated and how it worked. 


We also followed Kelly Krahn and Bryana French, two residents getting vaccinated that day. They talked about why they were getting vaccinated and who they felt after receiving it.


Along with the interviews, we showed a lot of video of the site including immunization cards, waiting room signs and even people getting vaccinated. 


We then posted the video on our channel, Facebook and website.


The Results:


The video got 1,400 views on Facebook, but it could have gotten a lot more. In the last few months, Facebook has been suppressing any content about the virus. They are going to help stop the spread of misinformation, but in turn, this is also blocking crucial, credible information.


Since Facebook was hiding our video, we posted about it on our Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. These platforms were not hiding COVID content, so our audience was able to see the video this way.


Adaption Prompting:


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