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Cedarholm Golf Course New Community Building and the Process Behind the Trees They Plant

Cedarholm Golf Course Superintendent Sean McDonagh joined us on our Cities Speak podcast to talk about his work with Cedarholm and the community of the course.


McDonagh grew up in Roseville and played golf on the very same course that he is now superintendent of. He started his work with Cedarholm Golf Course in 1981 right around when a tornado tore through Roseville. The tornado ripped through 100 trees on the Cedarholm course that year.


McDonagh and his team put a lot of work into replanting the trees after that, without changing the design of any of the holes. Now moving forward, they try to plant 12 new trees on the course every summer. 


The design of the holes at Cedarholm is something that they take seriously. They keep in mind the look of the tree, how it could affect the hole and the amount of protection it can provide the golfers. 


McDonagh shares the layout of the course with us. Cedarholm is a par three nine-hole course with a variety of different lengths. The course is perfect for any type of player from beginner to professional. 


Cedarholm Golf Course has a newly reconstructed community building as well. The building is home to a number of rooms and a large outdoor patio for people to sit and enjoy the outdoors when the weather is nice. The building can also host events like weddings or reunions for community members. 


Cedarholm Golf Course offers a variety of different leagues and tournaments for anyone who is interested in those and is looking to get into the sport of golf. You can find more information about the hours, leagues and tournaments they have on the Cedarholm website.