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Climate Change in Minnesota

Climate change is often a topic that gets pushed down the list of importance, but it is time to act. With the global temperature increasing by almost 1 degree Fahrenheit in the last 15 years, this is no longer something that can be ignored.


Dr. Steven Jorissen joined our Cities Speak podcast to talk about his work with the Northeast Metro Climate Action Group. 


The Northeast Metro Climate Action Group provides communities with outreach events to raise awareness about the climate crisis. These events happen once a month and usually involve a guest speaker. 


One thing that the climate action group focuses on is reducing Minnesota’s carbon emissions. The largest sector of carbon emissions in Minnesota is from transportation. They are working on improving Minnesota’s public transportation systems and bicycle infrastructure to lower the amount of emissions from transportation. 


“Those are the types of systemic changes that can really make an impact on reducing carbon emissions,” Jorrissen said. 


Jorrissen explains that one way for people to make a small change in the way that Minnesota is handling the climate crisis is to get in contact with their elected officials. This change at a systemic level would help the entire world. 

The last six years being the hottest on record. Something needs to change. If you are passionate about climate change and want to get involved head over to the Northeast Metro Climate Action Group website to get involved.