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Hiway Credit Union’s New Location is Built With Natural Light and Donuts

John Connelly, President of Twin Cities North Chamber of Commerce, talked with Maureen Daly about the new Hiway Credit Union branch in Roseville.


Daly, assistant branch manager for Hiway Credit Union, joined us on Chamber Check in to discuss technology, face-to-face service and donuts. 


The new location in Roseville is full of natural light, new technology and a welcoming layout. 


“The new credit union is a wonderful open concept branch,” said Daly. 


This new branch introduces interactive teller machines. ITM’s give members an option to talk with a teller. The customer can have the tellar walk them through the transaction. 


ITM’s help bring new technology to Hiway while maintaining the ease of self-service. These machines bring a personal touch to traditional ATMs.


Hiway Credit Union’s Roseville branch is also partnered with Dunkin Donuts, as the two businesses share a building


The building’s open floor plan allows for a smooth interaction between Dunkin Donuts and Hiway Credit Union. 


Hiway will still offer face-to-face service at its locations, despite the integration of new technology.   


“The biggest thing to just remember for members or potential members that are walking into the credit union is we are still going to serve you in the ways that we have in the past,” Daly said.