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How You Can Connect Digitally with People through the Three Learning Styles: From the Executive Director


When I ask my four-year-old to do something, I need to make clear eye contact, hold her hand and finish the statement with “do you understand what you need to do?” For my six-year-old, I can shout a task from another room and she’ll run and do it right away. For my husband, send him a text. 


Why am I telling you how I delegate chores in my house? Everyone processes information differently. 


We’ll be walking through how the three learning styles can be adapted in your city communications in a digital way. 


  • Kinesthetic Learners

My four-year-old represents a kinesthetic learner. Kinesthetic learners are physical, hands-on people that process information by doing. They want to be deeply involved in the process. As a city communicating with residents, kinesthetic learners will be the people that attend Citizen Academy or clean-up days in the community. 


How to Connect Digitally: The best way to connect with kinesthetic learners is to work with them on something in person. They need to feel, touch and be involved on a deep level. In a digital way, send out surveys looking for feedback on a topic. Create a video on how to accomplish an initiative in your community, like how to properly shovel out a fire hydrant in the winter, or how to clean street drains from debris


  • Auditory Learners

My six-year-old represents the auditory learner. Auditory learners need a deeper explanation spoken to them. They need ideas and concepts broken down in a variety of ways through spoken word. 


How to Connect Digitally: Auditory learners enjoy podcasts or listening to videos in the background. Consider translating your monthly city bulletin into a podcast for auditory learners to deeply grasp your city information. 


  • Visual Learners

My husband represents the visual learner, by reading that quick text. Visual learners learn by reading and seeing videos and photos. They retain information by sight. 


How to Connect Digitally: Visual learners respond extremely well to video animations. Consider educating residents on important information with whiteboard animation. Visual learners will quickly retain that information while scrolling through social media. 


When you are communicating city information to the public, consider developing content that speaks to the different learning styles. Incorporate the different styles in your communications plan for maximum effectiveness in connecting with residents. What learning style does your city communications plan primarily utilize? Message us at NineNorth, we’d love to hear from you.