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Introducing NineNorth

You may have noticed a few changes on our website and social media accounts at the beginning of this year. That’s right, CTV has rebranded to NineNorth. We have a whole new name and logo to represent our organization.


The logo

The new logo is the name NineNorth next to a compass pointing north to represent our nine northern suburbs. If you flip the compass upside down, it looks like a pinned location symbol. This shows that we are hyper focused on local news that directly affects our community.


“The new logo is a lot more modern and sleek and is more reflective of the work we are doing,” said our Executive Director Dana Healy. 


Time for a change

Our organization has had a great run for the past 30 years under the name CTV. However, technology and our purpose has changed. 


“We wanted to really showcase that change with a fresh brand and a new look that would be evergreen and future proof for different technologies that we kind of sprung into,” said Healy.


CTV has moved way beyond just cable television. We’ve really honed in on our social media and webcasting, especially in 2020.


How it started

The rebranding process started back in 2018 when we wanted to refocus our mission. This started with holding focus groups, completing interviews and reaching out to the community. We wanted to find out what it was the community needed from us.


After this, our new mission was born. Our mission is to produce community focused digital media to educate and engage our residents. 


We wanted to continue making changes along with our mission refocusing. 


“After that shift, we really wanted to separate the brand from the old mission,” said Healy.


The old mission said that we focused on training people to create their own content, but we no longer do this. Now, we are the ones creating and pushing out content for the community.


What’s staying the same?

While we’ve made many changes in the past three years, there is still quite a bit staying the same. 


We are still in our same building, our mission is still the same and the team is still all here. 


“We’re still here for the community. We’re still providing our services to the cities around media production, meeting coverage, webcasting, social media and video. We are still here putting out content for the community,” said Healy.