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IT Intern Experience - Wade

My IT Intern Experience – Wade Arendsee

My name is Wade Arendsee and I’ve been part of the IT intern program since early 2017, I joined the program through Rasmussen college were I am finished up my bachelors in Information Technology Management.

When I was first presented with the opportunity to be an intern at CTV, I imagine the experience would be filled with a lot of menial tasks such as making cables and cleaning out files, but it has been anything but that!  Interning at CTV is probably one of the greatest opportunities a person just getting into the IT industry can have. In my time here I’ve completed some huge projects and implemented solutions that people our partners use every day! Some but not all of these include.

  • Building a new city meetings web server, from the hardware level all the way up to editing web pages.
  • Deployed and maintained multiple file servers.
  • Setting up new virtualization solutions to replace legacy systems.
  • Migrated a database and directory server to a new system.
  • Provide tech support to employees and our partners.
  • Build multiple servers and machines for CTV and its partners, some of which are used for our city hall partners.
  • Maintain web pages for our shiny new website.

I’ve also had the opportunity to branch outside of my career field and learn more about TV and Media production as well as audio and video engineering skills. CTV is a place that always encourages you to take on more and challenges you to learn more.

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