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Online ordering, mobile apps and remote work: A look into business life during a pandemic



NineNorth partners with the Twin Cities Metro Chamber of Commerce to produce a video every week with members of our local business community. Chamber Check-In features host John Connelly, President of Twin Cities North Chamber of Commerce, as he brings in guests to talk all things business here in the Twin Cities.



Sahil Taneja and Nacy Manser joined Chamber Check-In to talk about business life and how technology has helped businesses during a global pandemic. 



Sahil Taneja


Taneja, of Dunkin Donuts in Roseville, talks about the new Dunkin Donuts location near the Rosedale Mall and the way Dunkin has utilized technology during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Taneja grew up in India and moved to Boston, Massachusetts to attend college. After moving to Minnesota in 2003, Taneja was looking for an opportunity to start a business. During a trip back to Boston, Taneja’s wife gave him the idea of bringing Dunkin Donuts to Minnesota. 


After connecting with a franchisee for Dunkin Donuts in Chicago in 2020, Taneja was able to start growing the presence of Dunkin Donuts in Minnesota. 


Now, after the opening of a brand new Dunkin Donuts location in Roseville, Taneja shares the advancements in technology that He has implemented into this location. 


Ordering through a kiosk is not new to the fast-food industry, although they are not widespread. Online ordering kiosks make it easier for customers to order their food without having to talk to wait in line.  


As the amount of online ordering has largely increased over the past year due to COVID-19, Taneja provides a safe way for customers to order at Dunkin.  


Online order everywhere has been made easier with mobile apps. They allow customers to order with a press of a button. Dunkin is no different. The Dunkin Donuts app allows people to save their favorite donuts and drink. This makes online ordering easier than ever. 


Mobile apps and online ordering have allowed companies to improve their loyalty programs. With the increase in online orders, businesses are able to provide more rewards to their customers. Dunkin Donuts’ loyalty program does just that. With rewards like free coffee and donuts. Not only is ordering online easier and more convenient it can also save someone money in the long run. 



Nancy Manser


Nancy Manser, HR Director of Olsen Theilen Certified Public Accountants & Consultants, talks about managing online work in a pandemic. 


Olsen Theilen CPA is an advisory group that helps council clients through things like real estate managing, fraud investigations and communication. 


The COVID-19 pandemic has been hard to navigate for everyone, especially businesses. 


“We were very fortunate that we were able to duplicate our buildings,” Manser explained. 


Despite having to move business work online, Manser mentions that the day-to-day work did not change much when going digital. Rather than working out of two offices, the company worked out of 100 offices. Each office is in the homes of its employees.  


Aside from the usual challenges that some of the employees faced, Manser tells us that they are developing a new remote work policy. This policy is being created for the employees that enjoy working from home.  


With the efficiency and quick nature of technology, this shift to remote work is something that is bound to increase in popularity among businesses. Aside from the ease of appointments and meetings, online work can also save businesses money. More employees working from home could mean building rent would go down as would the need for services. 


Manser talks about the future of this online reality as it connects with younger generations as well. 


For most college students and graduates over the next few years, online work will be all they know. Manser mentions the recent interns that have been hired. These interns are typically more comfortable with remote work because that has been what is normal to them.

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