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Out To Lunch Gets a New Host

On this episode of Out To Lunch, we join our new host Gianna as she visits Lucky’s 13 Pub in Roseville. 


Lucky’s 13 Pub has been around since 2016 and now has eight different locations across the Twin Cities. 


Gianna sat down with owner Stephan Hesse to talk about the restaurant’s history, atmosphere and food. 


Lucky’s 13 Pub was created with comfort in mind. From the start, Lucky’s was meant to be a second home to its customers. 


During the new coronavirus pandemic, Hesse was approached with a partnership offer to help expand Lucky’s 13 Pub. After agreeing to the partnership Hesse expanded Lucky’s from two restaurants to 14 in the making. Eight of these restaurants are open for business, while the other six are still in the brainstorming phase. 


Hesse, along with co-owners Charlie Burls and Todd Nelson, owns and operates all locations across the Twin Cities. 


Lucky’s 13 Pub has a selection of American food that is guaranteed to make your mouth water. With tater tots, cheese curds and burgers being some of the most popular things on the menu. 


For people with dietary restrictions, Lucky’s is willing to help. Hesse tells us about their gluten-free bread and different side options for customers who need it. 


If you are looking for a restaurant for a dinner with friends check out Lucky’s 13 Pub