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Ramsey County Library Deputy Director Takes a Step Towards Community



After more than 16 years of experience working in libraries, Pang Yang is now the deputy director of Ramsey county libraries. Now working closely with libraries all across Ramsey county Yang shares her plans in this new position. 


Yang joined us on our podcast to talk about her plans for engaging communities on racial equity, inclusion and diversity. 


After spending just two months in Ramsey county Yang has a goal for her work here: connecting with people. 


“I love the community that I serve,” Yang said. “So I am looking [foreward] to really connecting with people, connecting with community [and] connecting with organizations.” 


One of the ways Yang has worked towards this type of deep connection is through library implementation. Bringing library work outside of the library is the way that she is accomplishing this. Yang has worked to bring libraries into correctional institutions by sending books in for the youth to read. As well as using CDs to send messages between inmates and family members. 


These types of connections with organizations and people have allowed Yang to do more work around enriching the communities throughout Ramsey county. 


In the long run, Yang hopes that she can provide the communities in Ramsey county with services that will help them, rather than the other way around.


 “It’s humbling to be able to help people [and] to be that bridge to information and resources,” Yang said. “… to [be] a sense of belonging.”