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Restaurant Makes All Their Food from Scratch

Are you a lover of breakfast food, comfort food or baked goods? Perhaps all three? Key’s Cafe and Bakery may be the restaurant for you!


On our latest episode of Darian’s Out to Lunch, a show where we check out different locally owned restaurants in the area, we visited Key’s Cafe and Bakery in Roseville. We tried out the food and talked to the owner Jean Hunn-Collyard.


Restaurant beginnings


Hunn-Collyard’s mother opened the first location of the restaurant in 1973. As the restaurant grew, they expanded and opened 9 other restaurants in the Twin Cities area. Today, Hunn-Collyard and her 3 other siblings work within these 9 locations.


“We still get along,” laughed Hunn-Collyard.


All about the food


The Key’s team says their food is “the food you grew up with.” For Hunn-Collyard and her siblings, this is the food they actually grew up eating at the dinner table. All of the food is completely made from scratch. 


“It is original recipes from my mom, so it truly is the food I grew up on,” said Hunn-Collyard.


Hunn-Collyard says Midwesterners enjoy eating comfort food like meat and potatoes. They also love breakfast food which Key’s serves all day. They were actually the first restaurant to serve all-day breakfast according to Hunn-Collyard!


How to eat


If you’re wondering what you should order, their turkey dinner is one of their most popular items. They also have a huge bakery selection if you aren’t looking for a huge meal. If you’re looking for a dessert to serve at your next event, try out their chocolate house cake. 


To order from Key’s, you can place your order over the phone or on their website. You can also order from a third party app like DoorDash and ChowNow for delivery. 


If you’re interested in dining in at a restaurant, they are open seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. 


Want to check out the food and see what we thought of it? Watch the entire video here!