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Public Government Meeting Coverage

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Capture and share important information with NineNorth public government meeting coverage. We handle the entire process, from meeting coordination, to live recording, to troubleshooting, to the live webcasting and cable delivery of your public government meeting on TV or via our online communities—helping you communicate your most important news, while saving you time, money and hassle.

The Challenges:

  • Having an in-house video production staff is costly.
  • Purchasing audio and visual equipment is expensive.
  • Providing audio and visual training to existing staff is time-consuming.
  • Webcasting requires specialized skills and technology.

The Solution:

NineNorth handles video production, meeting coverage, webcasting, and social media coordination for your – so your municipal employees can focus on serving your community.

The Benefits:

  • Keep your constituents informed;
  • Control the narrative while minimizing misinformation;
  • Gain citizen buy-in for strategic plans, capital improvements, tax levies and more;
  • Metric reports help you meet strategic planning benchmarks;
  • Save employee time and municipal money.

City Meeting coverage

Noelle Olson is the NineNorth Municipal Coordinator who works with city staff and our meeting operators to produce live coverage of city meetings.

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What Our Clients are Saying

“NineNorth provides an invaluable service to our residents and local community. For those who are unable to attend meetings or events, they can keep up-to-date and stay engaged with what is happening in their area.” – Emily Dunsworth, City Council

“NineNorth’s dedicated staff make viewership of the City’s meetings and special events possible. This is integral to our strategy to be as transparent and welcoming as possible.” – Heather Butkowski, City Administrator


“Since 2014, Roseville has contracted with NineNorth to provide staff to produce all the City Council and City Commission meetings.  This relationship has proven to be beneficial since Roseville no longer needs to worry about hiring, scheduling, and managing several part-time producers.” – Patrick Trudgeon, City Manager

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