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Your story is our priority.

With nearly 30 years of experience of connecting locals, we know your community. From building out your facilities to filming local events, we’re a partner that you can rely on to communicate your story properly, and ensure that it will resonate with residents.

Connect with your residents in a more personal way with community engagement videos. NineNorth has the expertise to produce videos that communicate your goals and keep residents up to date on what matters most to them. We leverage our local presence and built-in social audiences to ensure broad reach, and monitor analytics to track engagement.

What’s provided with our production:
• Creative Concepts
• Dynamic Videography
• Polished Sound Design
• Social Media Incorporation & Analytics
• Expert Editing
• Innovative Technology

Meet Alex Suszko, Digital Media Producer

Alex joined NineNorth in 2020 as a Digital Media Producer.  You will see him covering  many community events and producing content for our core cities.

Meet Our Team

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Through collaborative work like these videos, NineNorth brings important content to the community, and elevates a valuable organization.

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What Our Clients are Saying

“The team at NineNorth was great to work with and the final project came in at a high quality and at a very affordable price. The fact that the tech team did a sight audit to check lighting and sound in the space told me in advanced that NineNorth was as concerned about delivering a professional piece as was my team.” -Barbara Grundman, Marketing Manager

“McGough Construction has a great working relationship with our neighbor NineNorth. Their commitment to bettering our community through education, supporting community events, and regular connectivity, mirrors McGough’s commitment to building lasting relationships. I look forward to our next partnering opportunity.” – Karin McCabe, Outreach Director

“NineNorth has been remarkably helpful, dependable and easy to work with. I appreciate their unobtrusive presence, their high levels of technical skill, and their easy-going, pleasant way of explaining things to a technologically- challenged, former history-major like myself.” -Judy Woodward, History Coordinator

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