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St. Anthony festival of nations 2021 held online


The Festival of Nations celebration in St. Anthony looked different this year. Wilshire Park Elementary School and the St. Anthony School District held the annual celebration virtually this year. 


We had the pleasure of putting together a video of the festival to share these cultures with everyone. 


The Celebration

Parents sent in videos of their kids showcasing their cultures to share a small piece of themselves with their classmates. 


Festival of Nations is an important part of the community in the St. Anthony School District. The celebration highlights the many different cultures that are represented within Wilshire Park Elementary. From Mexico to China to Somalia, the students shared pictures, videos and items that represent their culture. 


Featuring traditional Hmong clothing and Indian dances. Students with cultures all around the world came together to celebrate each other. 


After a ton of event cancellations this school year St. Anthony School District wanted to give the students a way to celebrate something they were excited about.