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Steakhouse in Roseville Brings Sophistication to the Suburbs

Are you a fan of steak, seafood and wine? Then Baldamar might be the place for you. 


On a recent episode of Darian’s Out To Lunch, our team went over to Roseville to try out Baldamar


Located in Rosedale Center, Baldamar a “chefy steakhouse” restaurant, opened almost two years ago.


The History


Owners Randy and Sharon Stanley had been working on the concept of Baldamar for close to six years before opening the restaurant. A lot of careful planning and a couple of sacrifices went into creating this particular restaurant. 


The Restaurant


As described as a “chefy steakhouse” by co-owner Stanley, he explains that the description comes from the complexity of the cooking used at Baldamar.


“We do a lot of brining, brazing, smoking, charring, grilling and carmelizing,” Stanley said. “It’s a very complex method of cooking which really separates us and makes it interesting.”


Designed with a focus on sophistication and a sultry atmosphere in mind, the look and feel of the restaurant really emulates that. 


The Food


The steakhouse is best known for just that, the steak. However, there are some other items on the menu that are just as good. The seafood and salads are some of the dishes that are most popular. 


If you have a food allergy do not hesitate to visit Baldamar, just mention your allergy to your waiter and over the phone when making a reservation so the staff can make sure to keep you safe. The menu also has icons to indicate any items that are vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free. 


With a carefully curated wine menu and private dining options available this restaurant is the perfect place for a date night, company dinner or girl’s night out. 


If you are looking to take your dining experience home for the night there are options for online ordering as well, just head over to the Baldamar website