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There’s a New Deputy in Town!

The Ramsey County Library system has a new Deputy in town, Deputy Director to be exact. Pang Yang comes to the Ramsey County Libraries with 16 years of library experience. This includes deep work in community engagement around racial equity, diversity and inclusion. She has also brought library services to correctional facilities, community centers, even laundromats!

In this paragraph, we’re going to look at 4 takeaways from our conversation with Ramsey County Library Deputy Director, Pang Yang:


She Believes We’re Better Together

Firstly, Yang states she is a life-long learner. Through the process of asking questions and making connections, she identifies beneficial partnerships for the library.


Ramsey County Library Work Has Transformed

Secondly, libraries are more than just brick and mortar buildings. Library services have expanded to technology, and a community gathering space. “The library is a bridge to information, and sometimes that isn’t in a book,” Pang states. The information can be in a connection with a neighbor, or access to a website. The library serves much more than just access to reading.


Bring the Books to the People – On Laundry Day!

Thirdly, Pang has partnered with the international organization libraries without borders to bring books to where the people are. The library has certain laundromats where they roll in and gift books to people.


Provide Value to Ramsey County

In conclusion, Pang asks “How can we continue to provide value and service to our community?”. She then works on identifying equitable services and making sure she is meeting the needs of the community. “Its humbling to be able to help people, to be that bridge to information and resources, and to create a sense of belonging.”


For more information about your local Ramsey County Library, check out their website.