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Conversation with the Constituents

League of Women Voters of Roseville host this event to discuss opportunities and challenges of changing demographics of our communities and more with our local city, county and state leaders. Do leadership and outreach efforts reflect the changing demographics in our communities?  Is our local government addressing the diversity of constituents’ needs in areas such as housing, employment, transit, business development, education, environmental justice and community programs and events?

Participating officials were:
Representative Peter Fischer (44A);  Senator Nicole Mitchell (D47);  Senator Clare Oumou Verbeten (D66);  State Senator John Marty did participate but arrived after our recording of his session.

Ramsey County Commissioners:   Mary Jo McGuire (D2) and Victoria Reinhardt (D7);

Mayors:   Marylee Abrams (Maplewood);  Tom Fischer (Little Canada);  Mary Gaasch (Lauderdale); Randy Gustafson (Falcon Heights); Dan Roe (Roseville);

Recorded 10/26/23