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Dementia: Caring & Coping (4/9/24)

Learn about the Whole-Person Wellness Screening Program & Living Well with Dementia and MCI. Sam Sleeman, CVA, Executive Director of the Faith Community Nurse Network of the Greater Twin Cities will talk about the 2023 Whole Person Wellness community screenings project. She will explain the screening process, including what happens when cognitive issues are discovered. In the second half of our event, Linda Camp, Robyn Birkeland, and Carolyn Klaver will talk about how best to support people who are living on their own with MCI (Mild Cognitive Impairment) or dementia. Robyn will share about the University of Minnesota’s Home Alone study and will review the preliminary results. She will also share considerations, resources, and tips for people with dementia who are living independently. Linda Camp will explain how “solos” groups can help people develop a personal backup plan for help and support, with monthly meetings to keep members on track, and build skills and social connections.

Dementia: Caring & Coping is sponsored by the City of Roseville and the Roseville Area Senior Program.

Recorded April 9, 2024
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