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Dementia: Caring & Coping (6/11/24)

Caring for a person with dementia can be overwhelming. A support group provides a place to share experiences, learn caregiving techniques, and find resources to help cope with challenges and make decisions. A support group can also provide emotional support to help you cope with feelings of helplessness, isolation, guilt, and frustration.  Find out about the benefits of joining a support group and how to find a group that is right for you from three experienced support group facilitators: Amy House, a Certified Dementia Practitioner & Alzheimer’s support group facilitator; Paula Rice Biever, facilitator of two Lewy Body Dementia support groups; and Warren Wolfe, facilitator of the Former Dementia Caregiver Support Group.

Dementia: Caring & Coping is sponsored by the City of Roseville and the Roseville Area Senior Program.

Recorded June 11, 2024
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