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NineNorth Spotlight: Roseville History

The Name’s Origin

Roseville’s name isn’t tied to a local rose garden or a love for the flower. It actually honors a pioneer named Isaac Rose.While Isaac never lived in the area himself, he played a crucial role in its development. He arrived in Minnesota in 1843 and became a farmer near present-day St. Paul. In 1850, when the federal government ordered a land survey, Isaac was assigned the task. The grateful community, recognizing his contribution, named the township after him – Rose Township – which encompassed the areas we now know as Roseville, Lauderdale, Falcon Heights, and even parts of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

From Farms to First Businesses

Up until the 1930s, Rose Township’s landscape was dominated by agriculture. Farms and nurseries thrived, supplying fresh produce and greenery to the growing cities nearby. However, the 1930s marked a turning point. With wide-open spaces, a convenient location near major roads, and the presence of a railroad, Roseville became attractive for commercial development.

The Richter Feed Mill owened and operated by Otto Richter started in about 1915. Richter Feed Mill would stay open until the 1960’s. “It was a store that provided feed, agricultural supplies, and the like for the farmers in the area. In the early teens, the late 1800s or early teens, much of the Roseville area was truck farming.” says Judy Payne of the Roseville Historical Society.  

First McDonald’s in Minnesota

Another notable business that came to Roseville was Minnesota’s first McDonald’s opening its doors in 1957. The Mcdonald’s is on Snelling Ave. And is still in operation today. 

Recorded May 20, 2024