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What is CTV’s Role During Election Season?

By Dana Healy

Local politics is often glossed over by large newspapers and television outlets. There is not enough reporting to go around, so large papers stick to the large races.


So how can you find information about the smaller races, that arguably have more of an impact on our lives? That’s where CTV North Suburbs steps in. Below, read how we cover election season. 


1. CTV Maintains Neutrality

CTV will not endorse any political candidate or party. We act as a neutral party and deliver fact-based information in structured formats. We make strong efforts not to favor any candidate by inviting all candidates to participate in our events.


2. CTV Facilitates Forums

In partnerships with organizations like the League of Women Voters, CTV will assemble and facilitate forums where the audience can ask questions to the candidates. CTV does not accept any sponsorship for these forums in order to maintain the neutrality and integrity of the event. We publicize these events in our E-newsletter. Please sign up to stay informed. 


3. CTV Records Statements

Each election year, CTV hosts a series of programs call Speak Outs. Every candidate running for local office, that serves our service area, is invited to record a statement to voters. Each candidate receives the same amount of recorded time, preparation time, and visual background. This is to convey that we are a neutral party to this information. 


4. CTV Delivers Content

Again, to maintain neutrality, CTV posts all of the Speak Out content on our website alongside with all the other candidates. You will not see individual videos of candidates on our social media pages, because we do not want to appear as if we are endorsing someone. 


5. CTV Locates Voting Booths 

Voters also need to know where and when to vote. Through CTV’s social media pages like Facebook and Twitter, we post where you can vote in your community. We receive firsthand knowledge from your local government about voting locations and procedures. 


CTV North Suburbs is where you can find hundreds of City Council and additional commission meetings to keep you informed on your favorite public servants beyond just election year. These meetings are un-cut and available 24/7, so start watching! 


If you are interested in more information about CTV North Suburbs political content, please email us at info@ctvnorthsuburbs.org.

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