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Why Digital Content is important

Why Digital Content is Important

Bill Gates stated in 1996 “Content is King!” He got it right–content is what drives the internet, and the motors for all that progress are digital content creators.

A digital content creator is someone that generates information, mostly via media platforms, which provides useful information for consumers and creates interest in your brand. The content vehicle can vary from blog posts to video creation (I’m partial to video myself). Other examples include social media, graphic design, newsletters, email and communication campaigns.

So let’s get to it. Why is all this “content” important?

  1. Content Drives the RIGHT kind of Traffic

Creating content relative to your target audience helps funnel (link to the article about funnels) people already looking for your services. Imagine, these people need you, you’ve answered their question, then you follow up with a beautiful “If you’d like more information, sign up for our mailing list.” Beautiful!

  1. Content Adds Value

When someone has a question, they google it. Envision your video, quality content, or website pops up giving this person the answer to their question. Great! A connection! That content you’ve created has drawn in a potential customer, and you’ve provided value to them. We are all about adding value (link to video) here at CTV North Suburbs. If a customer is to pick between two brands, one that has already helped them (that’s you!) or the other guy, they’re going to pick the brand that has already helped them.

  1. Content is your Brand

Content is what creates brand awareness with your customers or clients. A well-executed digital video production campaign is just one content creation tool you can use to communicate with your customers.

  1. BONUS – Video Content

One-third of online activity is right now watching a video. CTV North Suburbs specializes in quality video content production. Sign up for our newsletter for more tips on how to market through video content, or reach out to our creative team for some suggestions for your upcoming video campaign.

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